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Pierpoint Landing Long Beach!

60+ Year Experience in Fishing.

Don Ashley started in sportfishing working for his dad, the colorful Whitey Ashley at Pacific Landing in Long Beach in the early 1960’s’. Don started running charter boats in the 1970’s working for Russ Izor on the Indian. He built his first boat, the Cortez, at the Seaway boat company and subsequently built the Aztec and Pacifica. Ashely sold the Cortrez so he could buy the Toronado from Roger Hess and the El Dorado from Eddie Diehl. Ashley then sold the Aztec to Curtis Wegener and the Pacifica to Guy Ashley In the 90’s

Partnered Up.

Ashley partnered up with Curtis and Veronica Wegener to take over Berth 55 sportfishing in Long Beach. In 2000 they built Pierpoint Landing in Long Beach. Pierpoint Landing now has a fleet of fishing boats doing everything from 1/2, 3/4, 6- pack luxury yachts, overnight trips and multi day trip fishing the rich water of Baja California.

Legacy Continues.

The Ashely legacy continues to be carried on by his two sons. His sons Richie and Jamie are both captains with their own company, the Long Beach Bait Company. The Ashely brothers supply sportboats and private boaters with squid, sardines and anchovies on a daily basis carrying on a family tradition of great anglers.

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Pierpoint Landing Long Beach!

Pierpoint Landing

Fishing that can blow your mind.

We take pride in giving our passengers an enjoyable deep sea fishing experience aboard our large, comfortable, fully equipped, purpose built fishing vessels. Our boats have been fishing these waters for over 60 years and have over 2000 GPS marks. We know where the fish are, and we will put you on them!

Trip Variety

From Inshore, Islands, Offshore, Private Charter Fishing and more!

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