Pierpoint FAQ:

Q:  Where are you located at?

A:   200 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802.

Q:  What does the ticket fare include?

A:   Your ticket includes boarding and bait. Fishing license, rod and tackle are extra and available in the check-in office.

Q:  Do I need to have a fishing license to go on the boat?

A:   California Fish & Game regulations require all passengers 16 yrs. and older to have a valid fishing license.

Q:  What time is check-in?

A:   We begin check-in one hour before departure.

Q:  Do you provide fishing license, rod, tackle, and bait?

A:   We provide bait on the boat. Fishing licenses, rod rentals, and tackle are available for purchase in the check-in office.

Q:  Can I bring my own food on the boat?

A:   You may bring your own food aboard. However, we do not allow ice chests or outside alcohol on the boats. There is a full galley on board if you wish you buy food and drink on the boat.

Q:  Do you serve food on the boat?

A:   Yes, our boats have full galleys that serve food and beverages.

Q:  Can I bring alcohol on the boat?

A:   No outside alcohol is allowed on board. However, our galley does sell alcohol.

Q:  Can I use my credit card on the boat?

A:   Any purchase on the boat must be CASH ONLY. You may use your credit card in the check-in office.

Q:  Where do I keep my fish during the trip?

A:   Fisherman may use gunny sacks to store their fish. Sacks are available for purchase inside the store.

Q:  Where can I park?

A:   Parking is available in the lot near our building and in the overflow lot.

Q:  How much is parking?

A:   Parking for fishermen is $3. Pay for parking inside the landing.

Q:  What kind of clothes should I wear?

A:   Close-toed shoes, light jacket.

Q:  Is there an age minimum?

A:   No age minimum. We do strongly recommend constant supervision for younger children.

Q:  Is the boat guaranteed to go out everyday?

A:   Trips may cancel for a few reasons – bad weather, not enough passengers, mechanical issues.

Q:  Can reserve a certain spot on the boat?

A:   No. Spots are first come, first serve.

Q:  Is smoking allowed on the boat?

A:   Smoking is prohibited on the boat

Q:  Are there restrooms on the boat?

A:   Yes

Q:  Do the boats have lifevests?

A:   Yes